Here's how to make a Bluetooth speaker louder:

  1. Ensure that your speaker is charged and switched on.
  2. Check the volume on your device.
  3. Check the volume control on your speaker.
  4. Use an app to increase the volume.
  5. Use an equalizer to change the audio balance.
  6. Use a high-wattage speaker.

Make sure your speaker is fully charged and switched on. It’s easy to forget to charge your speaker, but if the battery is low, it will automatically turn down the volume to save power. So, before you try to turn up the volume, make sure your speaker is completely charged or connected in.

Check the volume on your device. It may seem simple, but before you start messing with the level on your speaker, make sure the volume on your smartphone, tablet, or other device is as high as it will go. Some devices have separate volume controls for different sorts of audio (e.g., music, videos, and games), so be sure the volume is cranked up for the audio you’re attempting to play.

Check the volume control on your speaker. Most Bluetooth speakers contain physical buttons or a volume dial that may be used to control the volume. Make sure your speaker’s volume is set to the maximum level. If your speaker has a volume dial, turn it all the way up and then use your device’s volume to fine-tune the volume.

Use an app to increase the volume. If you’re still not getting adequate volume, several smartphone and tablet apps can increase the volume of your audio above the maximum level allowed by the device. These programs change the audio stream and increase the volume of specific frequency ranges, allowing your speaker to sound louder. Volume Booster Pro, Speaker Boost, and Volume Up are some of the most popular volume booster programs.

Use an equalizer to change the audio balance. An equalizer allows you to balance the different frequency ranges in your audio. Increase the bass and treble frequencies to make your speaker sound louder and more powerful. Many smartphone and tablet apps offer equalizer functionality, or you can use a separate equalizer program such as Equalizer FX or Bass Booster.

Use a high-wattage speaker. If you want your Bluetooth speaker to provide the loudest possible sound, try upgrading to a speaker with a larger wattage. The wattage number relates to the amount of power that the speaker can take; a greater wattage rating typically indicates a louder, more powerful speaker. Be careful that raising the wattage of your speaker will also increase its size and weight, making it unsuitable for portable use.

I hope these tips help you get more volume and power from your Bluetooth speaker. With a little adjustment, you may fully enjoy your mp3 music and videos!

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