• Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows the exchange of data between devices.
  • While Bluetooth uses wavelengths to communicate information, it typically only works within a short distance to keep the devices connected.

You’re certainly aware with how Bluetooth technology works, having used it to pair your iPhone with your AirPods or link your favorite music program to a speaker.

To put it simply, Bluetooth is a technology that allows data to be exchanged between devices across short distances.

Bluetooth radio waves differ from the broadcasts carried out by your favorite music station in that they travel short distances and changing frequencies frequently.

Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum communication range of approximately 30 feet, which decreases when impediments (such as a wall) are present.

Hardware ranging from headphones, a wireless mouse, or the sound system in a car can all use Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth connections are secure wireless connections

Bluetooth-connected devices are generally secure and safe from attack.

This is because they can function on a variety of frequencies, and the devices switch between them hundreds of times every second.

It’s called “frequency hopping spread spectrum,” and it virtually eliminates the possibility of hacking your Bluetooth devices – at least not over the Bluetooth signal.

What Bluetooth is used for

As previously stated, Bluetooth is commonly used to couple mobile devices with other mobile or stationary devices. This may include your earphones, automobile, and smart fridge. However, it is often used in less obvious ways, such as connecting a printer or mouse to a computer.

Because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are frequently complimentary, meaning they function together and provide similar connectivity, you may not always know which hardware is paired with which devices. Just be aware that if devices that have already been linked via Bluetooth are in range, they will attempt to connect automatically.

Because you often don’t notice when devices connect to one another via Bluetooth, it’s a good idea to open your phone’s settings app (or any other device with Bluetooth connectivity), navigate to the Bluetooth tab, and take a look at all the devices that could potentially connect, noting anything that is already connected.

And if you ever get rid of a Bluetooth device or don’t plan to use it for a long time, be sure to “Forget this device” in your Settings app to ensure you keep control of the connection.